Cheryl Weber, LEED AP, is an accomplished magazine editor, journalist, and communications expert who works with business owners, editors, public relations and marketing professionals, nonprofits, and manufacturers in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and sustainability. With years of experience in print and online media, Cheryl helps clients communicate key messages to their target audiences in a voice that’s professional, engaging, and consistent. She enjoys diverse projects and challenging agendas, and delights in discovering innovation and imagination in the people with whom she works.

“Over the years we have been fortunate to have had many articles written about our work, but none of them articulate who we are, what we try to achieve, and how we go about it as well as Cheryl did in her article. She touched upon the root of where our design interests stem from, and then how our process distills and transforms our clients’ needs and aspirations, as well as our own interests and investigations into an architecture that is concise and reductive. Since the article came out, we forward it to everyone at work and say, `Read this, it sums up what we are about.’ “
–Brian Messana, AIA, Messana O’Rorke Architects, New York City

“Cheryl Weber is the writer you hire when you want a story meticulously researched, perfectly organized, and written with words and observations that rise to the level of poetry. She is simply one of the best writers I’ve worked with in my 26 years in journalism.”
–Claire Conroy, editor-in-chief, residential architect magazine

“Cheryl’s article was very well written. It’s the first article on our work where all the technical information is correct. The point of view was well advanced in the story–it unfolded with clarity and enriching detail. A number of contacts have let us know they’ve seen it, and their feedback has been great.”
–Allison Ewing, AIA, LEED AP, Hays + Ewing Studio, Charlottesville, Virginia